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Sereno Walk In

Sereno 10mm frameless glass screen sets are the ultimate customisable shower solution. With unlimited sizes, upgrade options and adaptability, Sereno screen sets can fit into any space imaginable.

Sereno can be used on any floor surface as well as tiled walls or acrylic liners and is available with many different hardware finishes. Customisable and affordable, this shower screen is the solution for any tiled space.

The perfect answer to a difficult or custom space.


  • 10 Year product warranty
  • 10mm toughened safety glass
  • Available in black or chrome hardware
  • Suitable for acrylic, vinyl and tiled surfaces
  • Ideal for custom or difficult spaces
  • Fully customisable 

  • Sizes & Specifications
  • Downloads
  • Finishes


Walk In - Single Panel Kit - Standard

Code Width Downloads
SH4412-9 900mm SH4412-9
SH4412-10 1000mm SH4412-10
SH4412-11 1100mm SH4412-11
SH4412-12 1200mm SH4412-12
SH4412-13 1300mm SH4412-13
SH4412-14 1400mm SH4412-14
SH4412-15 1500mm SH4412-15

Walk In - Double Panel Kit

Code Width Downloads
SH4913-99 2 x 900mm SH4913-99
SH4913-11 2 x 1000mm  SH4913-11
SH4913-91 1 x 900mm with 1 x 1000mm SH4913-91
SH4913-89 1 x 900mm with 1 x 800mm SH4913-89

Walk In - Single Panel with 200mm Return Panel

Code Width Downloads
SH401-3 900mm SH401-3
SH402-3 1000mm SH402-3
SH403-3 1100mm SH403-3
SH404-3 1200mm SH404-3

Walk In - Single Panel with 200mm Return Panel

Code Width Depth Downloads
SH401-2 900mm with 800mm 900mm SH401-2
SH402-2 1000mm with 1000mm 1000mm SH402-2
SH403-2 1100mm with 1000mm 1100mm SH403-2
SH404-2 1200mm with 1000mm 1200mm SH404-2