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Ava Shower Tray

The AVA tile over tray features a solid resin construction and offers a secure and watertight system for many floor types including timber floors and second storey renovations.

A solid resin tile over base that comes in many standard sizes and is able to be customised, the AVA base is a quality solution to tiled bathroom design.


  • Waterproof 
  • 25 year leakproof warranty
  • Channel or centre drain options available
  • Customisable
  • Solid resin construction

  • Sizes & Specifications
  • Downloads

AVA Bases

Square - Centre Waste

Code Width Depth Downloads
LP20909CW 900mm 900mm LP20909CW
LP21010CW 1000mm 1000mm LP21010CW
LP21111CW 1100mm 1100mm LP21111CW
LP21212CW 1200mm 1200mm LP21212CW
LP30909CW 900mm 900mm LP30909CW
LP31010CW 1000mm 1000mm LP31010CW
LP31212CW 1200mm 1200mm LP31212CW

Square - Channel Waste

Code Width Depth Downloads
LP20909CHW 900mm 900mm LP20909CHW
LP21010CHW 1000mm 1000mm LP21010CHW
LP21111CHW 1100mm 1100mm LP21111CHW
LP21212CHW 1200mm 1200mm LP21212CHW
LP30909CHW 900mm 900mm LP30909CHW
LP31010CHW 1000mm 1000mm LP31010CHW

Rectangular - Centre Waste

Code Width Depth Downloads
LP20912CW 900mm 1200mm LP20912CW
LP20915CW 900mm 1500mm LP20915CW
LP21012CW 1000mm 1200mm LP21012CW
LP21015CW 1000mm 1500mm LP21015CW
LP21018CW 1000mm 1800mm LP21018CW
LP30912CW 900mm 1200mm LP30912CW
LP30915CW 900mm 1500mm LP30915CW
LP31012CW 1000mm 1200mm LP31012CW
LP31015CW 1000mm 1500mm LP31015CW
LP31018CW 1000mm 1800mm LP31018CW

Rectangular - Channel Waste

Code Width Depth Downloads
LP20912CHW 900mm 1200mm LP20912CHW
LP20915CHW 900mm 1500mm LP20915CHW
LP21012CHW 1000mm 1200mm LP21012CHW
LP21015CHW 1000mm 1500mm LP21015CHW
LP21018CHW 1000mm 1800mm LP21018CHW
LP21020CHW 1000mm 2000mm LP21020CHW
LP30912CHW 900mm 1200mm LP30912CHW
LP30915CHW 900mm 1500mm LP30915CHW
LP31012CHW 1000mm 1200mm LP31012CHW
LP31015CHW 1000mm 1500mm LP31015CHW
LP31018CHW 1000mm 1800mm LP31018CHW
LP31020CHW 1000mm 2000mm LP31020CHW

Angled Front - Centre Waste

Code Width Depth Downloads
LP20909CWQ 900mm 900mm LP20909CWQ
LP21010CWQ 1000mm 1000mm LP21010CWQ
LP21111CWQ 1100mm 1100mm LP21111CWQ
LP21212CWQ 1200mm 1200mm LP21212CWQ

Angled Front - Channel Waste

Code Width Depth Downloads
LP20909CHWQ 900mm 900mm LP20909CHWQ
LP21010CHWQ 1000mm 1000mm LP21010CHWQ
LP21111CHWQ 1100mm 1100mm LP21111CHWQ