Acrylic Shower Tray

Crest's acrylic shower trays incorporate a slimline 55mm fibreglass reinforced acrylic design to provide a low profile, low maintenance solution to bathroom renovation.


  • 55mm slimline fibreglass reinforced acrylic tray
  • Stylish and affordable

Acrylic Shower Tray

Square - Centre Waste

Code Width Depth Downloads
SB29090 900mm 900mm SB29090 SB29090
SB21010 1000mm 1000mm SB21010 SB21010
SB31010 1000mm 1000mm SB31010 SB31010
SB39090 900mm 900mm SB39090 SB39090

Rectangular - Centre Waste

Code Width Depth Downloads
SB31290 1200mm 900mm SB31290 SB31290
SB49076 900mm 760mm SB49076 SB49076

Rectangular - Right Hand Waste

Code Width Depth Downloads
SB21290R 1200mm 900mm SB21290R SB21290R
SB21490R 1400mm 900mm SB21490R SB21490R
SB21690R 1600mm 900mm SB21690R SB21690R
SB21890R 1800mm 900mm SB21890R SB21890R
SB31290R 1200mm 900mm SB31290R SB31290R
SB31490R 1400mm 900mm SB31490R SB31490R
SB31690R 1600mm 900mm SB31690R SB31690R
SB31890R 1800mm 900mm SB31890R SB31890R

Rectangular - Left Hand Waste

Code Width Depth Downloads
SB21290L 1200mm 900mm SB21290L SB21290L
SB21490L 1400mm 900mm SB21490L SB21490L
SB21690L 1600mm 900mm SB21690L SB21690L
SB21890L 1800mm 900mm SB21890L SB21890L
SB31290L 1200mm 900mm SB31290L SB31290L
SB31490L 1400mm 900mm SB31490L SB31490L
SB31690L 1600mm 900mm SB31690L SB31690L
SB31890L 1800mm 900mm SB31890L SB31890L

Square - Round Front

Code Width Depth Downloads
SBR21010 1000mm 1000mm SBR21010 SBR21010
SBR29090 900mm 900mm SBR29090 SBR29090

Square - Angled Front

Code Width Depth Downloads
SB29090-QD 900mm 900mm SB29090-QD SB29090-QD
SB21010-QD 1000mm 1000mm SB21010-QD SB21010-QD

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