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Ava Sliding Door

AVA is the pinnacle of frameless glass and waterproofing technology. Designed to offer a seamless, open feel, the 10mm safety glass panels create a real sense of space, while still maintaining the quality and security of a  glass shower.

AVA showers sit on a solid resin tile over base combined with industry tested waterproofing systems. Integrated wall channels and recessed floor channels offer a secure and watertight system for timber floors and even upstairs - allowing the AVA shower system to be installed where other tile over bases cannot.

Mindfully designed to be aesthetically pleasing yet the safest tiled shower on the market the AVA is the perfect solution for any bathroom.

A beautiful addition to any space.


  • 25 Year leak-proof warranty
  • 10 Year warranty on glass and hardware
  • Channel waste or centre waste options
  • 10mm toughened safety glass
  • Available in black or chrome hardware
  • Suitable for concrete and timber floor
  • Can be recessed into floor
  • Fully customisable 

  • Sizes & Specifications
  • Downloads
  • Finishes


Sliding Door - Rectangular - Centre Waste

Code Width Depth Specification Sheet
LP314SD 900mm 1200mm LP314SD
LP318SD 900mm 1500mm LP318SD
LP333SD 1000mm 1200mm LP333SD
LP337SD 1000mm 1500mm LP337SD
LP339SD 1000mm 1800mm LP339SD
LP218SD 1200mm 1200mm LP218SD

Sliding Door - Rectangular - Channel Waste

Code Width Depth Specification Sheet
LP314CHWSD 900mm 1200mm LP314CHWSD
LP318CHWSD 900mm 1500mm LP318CHWSD
LP333CHWSD 1000mm 1200mm LP333CHWSD
LP337CHWSD 1000mm 1500mm LP337CHWSD
LP339CHWSD 1000mm 1800mm LP339CHWSD

Sliding Door - Alcove - Centre Waste

Code Width Depth Specification Sheet
LP425SD 900mm 1200mm LP425SD
LP427SD 900mm 1500mm LP427SD
LP433SD 1000mm 1200mm LP433SD
LP436SD 1000mm 1500mm LP436SD
LP438SD 1000mm 1800mm LP438SD

Sliding Door - Alcove - Channel Waste

Code Width Depth Specification Sheet
LP425CHWSD 900mm 1200mm LP425CHWSD
LP427CHWSD 900mm 1500mm LP427CHWSD
LP433CHWSD 1000mm 1200mm LP433CHWSD
LP436CHWSD 1000mm 1500mm LP436CHWSD
LP438CHWSD 1000mm 1800mm LP438CHWSD
LP440CHWSD 1000mm 2000mm LP440CHWSD