An often debated decision at the beginning of a bathroom project is whether to install an acrylic shower or a fully tiled shower. There are many factors to this decision so hopefully this article leaves you better educated to make the decision that is right for your project.


Tiled Showers

Price: The easy answer would be to say ‘it all depends’ or ‘it varies’ but to be a tad more specific you can expect to pay around $7,000 - $12,000. As I am sure you can appreciate, there are unlimited available options for tiles so the price guide is based on an average consumer.  

Options: Tiled showers give you full flexibility with sizing and finishes. As these are typically made to measure you have the luxury of building this wall to wall, oversized or even an odd shape to fill dead space. This can make all the difference in a bathroom. As the tiles are the finished look you can ensure they match in perfectly with your bathroom theme.

Installation Process:

Shower Tray: A shower tray is installed or built onsite to create fall to the waste. They waste is connected up to the plumbing and fitted to the tray or set into the screed.

Shower Walls: Walls are lined with a water resistant board like Aquamox or an Aqualine Gib or similar.

Tiling: The walls and shower tray are water proofed with a liquid or sheet membrane and the tiles are cut and laid.

Shower Door: Finally the shower doors are fitted on top of the tiled plinth or directly outside the sloping shower floor.   

Cleaning: Some advice if cleaning is something you are concerned about is to consider larger tiles. Smaller mosaic or similar tiles have more grout which means more cleaning. Also research coatings available for tiles & glass to make this a simpler task.


In Summary: If you are wanting something special then a tiled shower is for you. It is an investment with the added cost but you will get exactly what you what rather than just what was available.


Acrylic Showers

Price: These showers are often mistaken to be a cheap option when choosing your shower. It is right to believe that there are cost effective options available on the market, however in today market acrylic showers can be considered as a desirable and more costly item. Retail prices can range anywhere between $2,000 - $6,000 to install an acrylic shower.

Options: With acrylic showers the biggest con is the limited options in sizing. As the shower trays are typically moulded in the 1000s and brought in from overseas you are limited to the dimensions of that tray. People are demanding larger shower spaces so do ensure before choosing this option that you’ve found a size that is right for you.

Installation Process: The process may vary depending on your builder or your existing dwelling

  • Shower Tray: Is installed onto a flat level floor up against a framed wall. The waste is offered up the tray connected to the plumbing beneath.  
  • Shower Walls: Plumbing is run up the walls within the framing for the shower rose and mixer. The walls are then lined with plasterboard or similar and the acrylic liner is fitted to this which overlaps the tray.
  • Shower Doors: The shower glass is then installed onto the acrylic tray and liner

Cleaning: The big question is most consumers’ minds when purchasing a shower is how it cleans once installed and in use. With acrylic showers you are relieved of grout lines which makes for an easier clean on the walls and tray.


In Summary: Acrylic showers are a cost effective option but with limited options to personalise your bathroom. Weigh up what is most important to you in your bathroom project. If it is cost and simplicity then this is your option

Witten by: Jerome Capper